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Brian & Harriet Duncalfe

Brian and Harriet Duncalfe live in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada
Below are some of the websites that have been created and operated by Brian Duncalfe.

Christian Websites


Welcome to We have over 100 Christian Topics which will help you to Know God better, Love Jesus Christ more, and Glorify Him in practical ways. It is my prayer that, as you read the articles, ebooks & sermons your heart will be stirred and challenged by our 1000's of Christian resources at

 “The only way to get to know God is through a deep-seated desire to seek and find him. Anything less will be unfruitful.”

Read / Apply / Pray / Do

Christian Websites


Check out our newest website for those looking for answers at Questions God. Com to Life's meaning, Life's Purpose, Life's Journey, and Life's Questions! Take a look here at

Experiencing Christ rather than Man's creation or Religion. It does not matter who you are or where you have come from, you are ALL WELCOME to search for truth and meaning of purpose for your life. We genuinely care that you find a true relationship with God on your life's journey. Find out here at our website for those curious and searching at

Questions God. Com

Join us here for our 21 day Study Guides for those curious, searching, or growing in their relationship with God here at One study guide is for the curious, next study guide is for those new to Christianity, and another one for those that are spiritual mature. We also have a daily devotional sent daily by email. Our newest Study guide is on the Gospel of John. More information on all Study Guides here or you can sign up for the free study guides here.

 "A Safe place to explore questions about life or God", and connect with us with any questions you have here.

See what's new with our newest website Questions God. Com. Chock full of new features.

I'm New Here


Curious people have an Adventurous Life!

Curiosity simply means eagerness to know or learn something. Many people are searching for answers.
Man is a being who asks questions. From the time we are born we begin to ask questions . . . check curious here.


Are You Stressed Out?


But I don't understand, how I'm supposes to let God take control. Like I'm stressed out about a lot of things. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There is going to be stress in your life,  but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not. There's a terrible price to pay for stress in your life - it really takes a hit on your heart. Answers to Daily Stress here.

Trouble in Life?

Disconnected From...

Do you ever say or think:
"It is getting hard to pray God!" or "God seems so far away now!" or I feel Lost and Hopeless?
I am supposed to put my faith in something that I cannot see!

"Did you know connecting with God is just like riding a bicycle?", check out disconnected here.



Christian Articles, Christian Ebooks, Study Guides, Christian Video's & Slideshow's, "For the Leader God has Called You to Be" check it out here.

70 Bible

Reading Plans

Do you have a Bible reading plan? You as a individual will find the Bible reading plan that will make you successful in reading God's Word here.

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